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A Little About Me

For years I believed my work life was separate from what I called my personal life, and tried hard to balance the two.


As it turned out, my biggest career decisions impacted my personal life the most, leading me to live and work in some amazing parts of the world, including India, Hong Kong and now New Zealand.


It was in the process of making these decisions that I learned what I value, what I am good at, and what thoughts were getting in my way. My motivation as a coach is to help others learn the same about themselves.


My career spans over 25 years working across different cultures and geographies in business development, human resources, operations and now coaching. I know firsthand how the highs and lows of a challenging career can impact confidence, decision making and mindset, and believe that self-awareness is integral to future success.


I am certified in organizational coaching from IECL (Level 2), an Accredited Coach Training Program with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and trained in Dare To Lead ™ .




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And about Red Fern

The name Red Fern is a reference to a book I read as a kid, Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls.

The story follows the relationship between a young boy and his two dogs, and themes like determination, sacrifice and growth feature prominently. Even as a young kid these themes resonated with me, and they still do today. 

At Red Fern Coaching I can't make a promise your life will change in all the ways you’re hoping. I can promise to work with you on a personal level, supporting your determination and personal growth. By creating a space that is both productive and unique to you, I am committed to helping you explore what’s possible.

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