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Working Together

Introductory Session

30 minute Zoom/Teams call to ask questions, discuss your challenges and decide if coaching is right for you. No obligation, and no sales pitch. I promise.

1:1 Coaching, minimum 3 months

Conversations aimed at identifying and clarifying your goal, and the tools you have to achieve it. This includes identifying your strengths, tapping into your values, and recognizing personal behaviors and patterns that could be impacting your progress.

  • 6 Sessions, 1 to 1.5 hour each over (approx.) three months

  • All sessions conducted over Zoom

  • Small assignments between sessions aimed at bringing you closer to your goals and measuring your outcomes

  • Ongoing support and check-ins over text and email


Note: I offer a 10% discount for pre-booked, standing appointments over a set period of time, and for client renewals.

Focus: Accountability Partner, 6 Weeks

Let's get it done! Aimed at helping you get that project completed, or maybe getting it started. Whether it’s a home project, a manuscript, exercise regimen or just finally cleaning out the garage, I’ll help you stay motivated. With your input, I'll draft a timeline to keep you on track while applying just the right amount of pressure to hold you accountable.

  • Outline of goal/project and agreed timeline

  • minimum 6 sessions, 30 min each - measure progress, assess challenges, review obstacles

  • All sessions conducted over Zoom

  • All sessions pre-booked with set times and dates

  • Ongoing support and check-ins over text and email


Great for anyone on the fence about coaching but wants outside accountability to meet their goals. Also great for past clients in need of that little extra push.

Single Session Check-in

For past clients in need of a trusted sounding board. We can discuss recurring challenges, new goals or a big idea. If we have worked together before and you feel it's a good time to check in, I'm always happy to work with you.

  • 1-1.5 hour session over Zoom

  • Refresh on strengths and values

  • Follow-up email and summary of next steps


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