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Good Grief: What is it you need?

Updated: Apr 24

Dan Levy is so good. I recently watched Good Grief on Netflix and loved it. Written and directed by Levy (he played David Rose on Schitt's Creek), he also stars in it.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Levy was asked what he does for self-care. “I spend a lot of time with friends. When you're single and you're 40 and you live alone, friends are such a great support system.”


Oh Dan, I hear ya!


When I was 40 I, too, was single, lived alone, and spent a lot of time with friends. My circumstances have changed, but his words resonate. Friends are the butter to my popcorn, I wouldn't be the same without them.


Knowing where to find support is as important as knowing how to use it, which brings me to my question this week,“What kind of support do you need?” 


Whether it's a personal intention or a professional target, knowing what support you have when setting a goal can be what makes the difference. What does your support look like?


Is it a confidence boost you're after or do you need to feel challenged? Perhaps it's accountability. Or maybe it's not a person you need, just some space and time to think clearly. You tell me. There are no wrong answers.


As your coach, I do what I can to support you. 

I also help identify your unique support systems – the people, places and things available to you that help elevate your performance in your career and in your personal life, and keep you moving forward. 


From one friend to another, let's do this! Are you ready to get started?

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