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Hot Soup

It's pretty cold here today, with a morning frost and light winds that made 2°C feel like 1°C. I ate broccoli soup for breakfast because a cold smoothie didn't sound appealing, and, well, did I mention it feels like 1°C?


There is a blue index card pinned to a cork board above my desk with a message in my own handwriting that reads: It's not for everyone. Each word is underlined twice, as if to say, “And don't you forget it”.


It's a reminder to myself that what works for one person is not necessarily a prescription for all, and vice versa. 


The world is full of proclaimed experts, some of whom are actually experts. But multiple, differing opinions and recommendations can cloud a person's decision-making process, even when the suggestions are coming from family and friends who say, with perfectly good intentions, what they think is best. 


You may notice that I avoid, as much as possible, doling out any actual advice in this space, even as I myself scroll for it online, seeking out the pros and cons of everything from AI to animal proteins.  


I agree that outside advice and recommendations are a great first step, as long as they are coming from a credible source. But so much advice is given without enough (any?) consideration to a person's individual, unique circumstances. We don't all want the same things. Just look around. 


Whatever stage you're at in your career or personal life, I'm wondering what the next stage for you looks like. Do you decide when it starts, or will it be decided for you? Is it inevitable, or will it take hard work to get there? Is it a temporary stage or long term? What do you want it to look like?


If you haven't yet thought that far ahead, then let's talk, even if just to explore what options might be available. Together, we'll explore what's possible, with only you in mind. 


There might be countless ideas and recommendations to sort through, but kind of like having broccoli soup for breakfast, it's only about what's right for you, it's not for everyone.  

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