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No Kidding

Updated: Apr 24

Heading into the holiday weekend, I'm reminded of my earliest memory of cracking a joke and getting a laugh.


As I remember it, I was sitting shoulder to shoulder in a car full of kids (seat belts being optional back then), on our way back from a classmate's birthday party. Out of the blue, one of the kids announced he had a toothache, after which another groaned of a headache, yet another chimed in declaring an earache, and on and on it went. Before long, all major body parts had been claimed. Not wanting to feel left out, I proudly announced I had…an Easter ache! 


That' right, I was telling Dad jokes before there were Dad jokes.


If your intention is to make people laugh, it's easy to gauge how you're doing. The feedback is immediate. But what about other areas of your life? 


Material progress can be tracked, but metrics aren't always clear if what you're working on is less tangible, like leadership skills, decision making, or establishing boundaries. 


My question for you this week is no laughing matter, and it's this: How are you measuring your progress?


Whether you're goal is about asserting yourself as a leader in your field, being more efficient with your spare time, or practicing patience with your back-talking teen, what markers are you looking out for to make sure you're on the right track? How will you stay motivated if it isn't clear that what you're doing is working?


As your coach, I won't set those markers for you. What I will do is help you identify what progress looks like, based on what it is you are trying to achieve. 


Together we will determine what steps you will take, when you will take them, and what the desired outcomes are going to look like along the way. The progress can be slow, the steps are often small, but the gains can still be significant.


Reach out and tell me what it is you're working on, and if developmental coaching might help you get there. There is no charge for a consultation, and I promise it's pain free.


Ready to get hoppin'?

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