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Pop Of Red

Updated: Apr 24

“Wait, I do that!” I said, out loud and quite proud of myself, to no one in particular.


I was reading a piece about a design tip that is old, but gaining new attention. The trick is to introduce a pop of red into a room where it seemingly doesn't belong, and voilà, the room feels new and updated.


Apparently, it's just color theory at work (ho-hum), but I agree that it feels bold to inject red into a room, or even an outfit. 


Red draws attention and says “look at me!”, whether it's in the form of a tie, a painted footstool, or Taylor Swift's red-lip-classic-thing-that-you-like. 


So where am I going with all of this? When thinking about changes you want to make, or goals you want to reach, I'm wondering what is the most courageous thing you could do?


It's not for me to say what courageous looks like. For one person that could be skydiving, for another it's dining in a restaurant alone. Maybe it's venturing out on your own professionally, or starting a side gig that feeds your personal interests. Maybe it's volunteering to run the school fundraiser, or finally putting your name forward for that promotion.


As your coach, I'm not trying turn you into a daredevil or a risk taker. What I will do is ask you to explore all of your options, from the obvious to the outrageous. Somewhere in between “that sounds doable” to “hell no!” is something you haven't tried before but could be worth a shot.


Our conversations might even create a new focal point, like an unexpected pop of red, and then, voilà, you're operating in a whole new space. 


So many things to consider. Ready to get started? 

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