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Sequined Tutus

Updated: Apr 24

In honour of International Women's Day I want to tip my hat to all those little girls out there wearing rainbow sequined tutus on the soccer field, or riding bikes, or just for the heck of it. Based on what I'm seeing around town, the tutu is the new black for little tykes and I love it.


Over the years my husband and I started collecting vintage (read: old and used) champagne glasses when we visited different countries. Pop into an op-shop or antique store and you can find some goodies. And we don't set them in a cabinet only to be used on special occasions. We drink from them, frequently, because that is their purpose.


So whether it's donning that sequined tutu that hangs on a lonely rack in the back of your closet, or finally pouring into the crystal glassware you haven't touched since the last time you hosted Christmas, what I would like to ask is, what are you waiting for?


Put a different way, when thinking about a change you want to make, what needs to happen before you decide to do something? 


Do things need to get better, or worse?


Do you need permission, funding, approval, confidence, clarity, support, or are you waiting for a gut instinct to kick in that tells you “the time is now”?


There are no wrong answers. And I'm not here to push you into action, unless, of course, you want to be pushed into action.


As your coach, I will ask you what needs to happen before you decide to do something, whatever that something is. 


And from there, we will craft a timeline, map your steps, and measure your progress as you go. 


Whether you need those sequined Converse high tops to complement that gorgeous tutu, or just need to find the right bottle of bubbles to celebrate today, I'm here for it and ready to get started.


What are you waiting for? 

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