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Stanley Tumbler Craze: What's your motivation?

Updated: Apr 24

January 2024


A friend recently asked if I would be binge watching the Oscar favourites in time for the awards. It's something I used to love doing, but haven't in years for reasons I can't put my finger on other than maybe it's just not important to me anymore.


Also not important to me is securing a Stanley Quencher water tumbler, which apparently is all the rage among Gen Z, Tik Tok users, and other loyal Starbucks patrons. That it's even a rage at all makes me feel like the world is going sideways, but every major news outlet has been covering this story and I admit to going down a rabbit hole trying to understand why.


“While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits,” police said, according to an NBC News report 


Apparently, a woman in California brazenly walked out of a store having stolen $2,500 worth of tumblers. So many questions -- but, seriously, why?


To be clear, I claim no moral superiority over anyone who likes to stay up on trends. Crocs are still cool, right? God, I hope so.


Nor is it my business to tell you, or anyone, what to do. 


What is my business -- and what I do as a coach -- is to help you understand what's behind that goal, no matter what that goal happens to be. If the desire to do something is occupying space in your brain, consider digging in to what is motivating you to do it.


Feeling like your life would be more complete with a rainbow array of Stanley Quencher tumblers in subtly distinct hues like Orchid, Yarrow or Rose Quartz? Honestly, I'm here for it.

But let's start by asking what's making you so thirsty? (See what I did there?)


I promise no judgment and there are no wrong answers, but I guarantee you'll make better decisions if you take time to answer that simple question, and do so honestly. I'm here if you want to talk. 

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