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What Have You Done?

Updated: Apr 24

There are two kinds of people in the world.


First, there are those who make a “To Do” list and include the tasks they have already completed, just for the satisfaction of crossing those items off.


And then there are the rest of you, who, let me just say, might want to give it a try.


But seriously, why not take credit for what you have already accomplished?


When thinking about what it is you want to do, do better, do differently, or stop doing altogether, ask yourself this: What steps have I already taken toward this goal?”  The answers might surprise you. 


Shifting careers, moving cities, saving money, developing new fitness habits all take time, and the results don't come over night. Reminding yourself what you have already accomplished doesn't mean your work is done, just that your desired results might not be as far away as they once were. 


Some people find this motivating. I know I do. Take the win, you've earned it.


As your coach, I can't also be your cheerleader. But I promise to pay close attention, enough to track your progress and measure your steps as you work toward your goals. I notice the small wins, and will be the first person to tell you to “keep it up, you're getting there.”


Are you ready? Let's get started! 

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