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What Is The Least You Can Do?

Updated: Apr 24

“If the minimum weren't good enough, it wouldn't be the minimum”  is not a phrase I'll be using in future marketing materials, but it might be something I say to myself today.


As February chugs along, I'm wondering how many of you have maintained the level of enthusiasm with which you greeted the new year. Did you make a resolution? How is that going?


Years ago, I resolved to become a “morning person”. I didn't keep that resolution for reasons I can explain another day, maybe in a newsletter about procrastination.


But today I want to talk about the small wins. Whether you sprint across the finish line or you walk, you still competed and that's worth something.


Sticking to new routines or developing new habits is a challenge, and it can feel discouraging when the anticipated changes come slowly.


As your coach, I can help you measure and see your progress, even when it comes over time in fits and spurts. Even when it feels like you are making no progress at all. 


It's not a pep talk I'm proposing, it's real accountability, or as the writer Anne Lamott puts it, “benevolent pressure” to help move you forward.


So ask yourself this question, What is one small action I can take?” 


Is it a phone call? A networking appointment? A walk in the fresh air, or 35 burpees on your coffee break? You decide. 


It doesn't have to be a leap – saving up the leap jokes for the 29th, so get ready – it just has to be one small step you take in service of your larger goal. That's it. It may be the minimum, but it counts as progress.


Good luck with that, whatever it is, I'm pulling for you. 

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