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What's Your Secret?

I talk to myself. Sometimes I even talk back. It can be productive, regardless of what it might look like to others.
Journaling is a form of talking to oneself and if you're someone who journals regularly, I don't have to tell you that sometimes what ends up on the page can come as a complete surprise. It's a meaningful exercise.


But what happens when you say the thing out loud, to someone else?


Say, hypothetically, I had a drawer full of old cords and chargers dating back to the iPod Nano that I kept hidden because surely a better person would just sort through the ones that are still relevant and dispose of the ones that are not. Hypothetically.
It's possible that telling my husband I need help in sorting them could be a helpful first step. He might want to know what value they hold, or what's stopping me from tossing them in the trash and – wait for it – just cutting the cord(s).
But what if the thing you're keeping inside is much more consequential, like wanting to put your name in for a promotion but fearing you aren't qualified, or feeling like your career has plateaued but pivoting might leave you financially exposed?  Maybe you want to re-enter the workforce now that the kids are grown but don't know where to start?


Saying these things out loud can be uncomfortable, but it's probably more productive than the conversation you're having in your head. Those unspoken thoughts are about as useful as an old cord sitting in a drawer. Hypothetically.


As your coach, it's my job to listen. There is no judgement, no final exam; just a deeper understanding of the thoughts that are holding you back so you can move forward.


Have some thoughts you would like to share? Reach out, please, I would love to hear from you. 

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