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Welcome to Red Fern Coaching

Welcome to Red Fern, life coaching focused on career and personal development.


Maybe you’re struggling with a job decision, a leadership role, or want to reconsider your professional path. It can be difficult to know what is next without first giving thought to what you value and understanding where your strengths lie.


If your thoughts are taking you in circles, I can help turn ideas into action.

Coaching isn’t telling you what to do, or even how to do it. It’s uncovering what you’re capable of so that you can move forward.

As your coach, I ask the questions you probably haven’t asked yourself, creating a space that fosters understanding and awareness, the tools you need to move forward.

I help people become decision makers.


Our conversations are structured to bring clarity and self awareness to your decision making process, eliminating  the doubt and negative thoughts that so often work as barriers to getting what we want. Ready to get started?


Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of being coached by Judy during a period of big life transition after becoming a mom during the pandemic, and wanting a professional change after being in a job for many years. I needed help organizing my thoughts and goals, and figuring out what my values and priorities were at this stage in life so that I could grow professionally and personally in a way that felt truly authentic. Through Judy’s adept ability of being able to ask the right questions, focus in on the areas that needed to be explored further, and helping me to better prioritize and organize my numerous thoughts, I was able to really hone in on what I wanted and needed to focus on in my job search, and how best to recover personally from the pandemic. Judy has an amazing talent of being able to help you figure out what your core goals and intentions are, how to reach them and not be fearful to do so, and what to do when you hit inevitable roadblocks along the way. She will give you wonderful life-long tools that will center and inspire you, and her energetic, warm personality will give you the motivation you need to handle whatever crossroads you’ve reached to realize your goals, and feel good about them.

Maryland, USA

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